[GIST] Teni The Entertainer Set To Drop New Single Called "Power Ranger"

Her record label has called it her first official single of the year which is a bit puzzling because she has already released a single this year called Sugar mummy
Sugar mummy was a street pop song that didn't live up to the hype associated with Teni. 
Before Sugar mummy, she had released a single called Party next door which didn't also make waves as expected. 
Could it be that Teni is falling from grace? 

We hope not and we won't know for sure, her new single Power ranger which drops on the 14th of June will be an indicator of what the future holds for Teni. 
Judging by her last 2 singles, do you think Power ranger will be a good song?
We will like to hear your thoughts, so use the comment box below.

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