How to download video from WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business or GB WhatsApp Statues (Video & Picture)

This is a simple tutorial of how to download picture and video on WhatsApp without using any app neither using your data(I mean Data plan or MB)

In recent time a lot of people request for video whenever it is upload to whatsApp Status, and sending people that video or picture cost the sender a lot of wasted mb and time, even the sender space on his device diminish due to space store in the whatsapp folder.

Let Quickly look at the step to download video or picture from any whatsapp status

1.    Go to your menu and click on the file explorer, in some phone you will see it as file manager or so, click on it (see  picture for the icon)

2.     Go to your phone storage or internal storage as the case may be

3.    Firstly before you proceed to the next step make all your file unhidden because they are  some file in your directory that are hidden, (still confuse look image)

4.    Look for your whatsapp directory either whatsapp business, Gb whatsapp, or whatsapp business

5.    After clicking on the whatsapp directory go to media,

6.    Because you have make all file unhidden, you will see one folder .statues

7.    Click on the .statues, you will see all your recently view video and image on your whatsapp status

8.    Cut or copy your desire status, I mean image or video

9.    You can preview the status (image or video) before copying to other folder or directory in your  phone

And that is the simple method of downloading video and image from whatsapp,
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You can also watch video for more understanding

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