BbNaija2019: Nigerian-born British Policewoman, Khafi Kareem, Faces Being Sacked After 'Sex Romp' With Another Contestant

A British policewoman faces the sack for defying her bosses to appear a reality television programme - before appearing to sleep with a man on the show.
PC Khafi Kareem, 29, from the Metropolitan Police, was warned not to take part in Nigerian Big Brother this year.
But she was granted unpaid leave and entered the show, in which she has formed a relationship with fellow contestant Ekpata Gedoni, 31, the Sun reported.
Audiences in Nigeria have been caught up in their liaisons, of which there has been three, but she will now be the subject of an investigation by the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards.
And her colleagues have expressed their dismay at her 'tarnishing' the force's reputation with her antics.
The officer was used as a 'poster girl' for the Met, posing alongside Met Commissioner Cressida Dick to encourage black and female recruitment and celebrate 100 years of women in the force.
One colleague told the Sun: "She's a serving British police officer - it's outrageous. She asked permission to go on the show but, when her request was refused, she went anyway. Her out-of-office email reply blatantly says that she is away from work, yet no one does anything.

"Other officers working with her are furious that she can just disobey orders then swan off Africa and tarnish the reputation of the force."

Ms. Kareem began as a PC at Lambeth station in 2015 after four years spent as a part-time special constable.

The officer, who has spoken against stop-and-search, joined up after a 16-year-old friend was stabbed to death, UK Daily Mail reports.

The PC worked as a spotter at airports, looking for possible victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). She also acted as a translator as she speaks French, Italian and her native Yoruba. However, she was
moved from the FGM team after she argued with colleagues.

Publicity material for the programme showed Miss Kareem in her uniform, branding her a talented singer and dancer.
The material says of Miss Kareem: 'Police officer Khafi Kareem believes that you can have it all if you believe in yourself.
'She is not only hoping to win the prize money but she wants the exposure that being in Big Brother Naija House brings so that she can do societal good.'

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