Asaba Ase in ward seven (7) Ndokwa Eas Thank c For Reparing Their Read After Many years of Bad Road

It is very rare for a man who hold no political position for the past 6 yrs, despite his tiger strength politically to step so low to repair a dangerous, damaged road for his people despite multiple publications and protest trying to draw the attention of the Government to their damaged road by last year flood, help came from no where, he resorted to self help for his people because they supported PDP...

Oh! God of host use men to bless the effort of this humble man said one of the indigence of the communitied  ..
After the deaf ear respond b the government, Hon. Chief New-world Odoni come out to repair the road leading to the communities, to allow economic activities and transportation of Goods and Services to the community.
It is reported that he's the only one that decided to use his own money to make the road manageable... with Just cement, concrete and sand...
The whole community of Asaba Ase in ward seven (7) Ndokwa East, Delta State says a big thank u to Hon. Chief New-world Odoni... God bless you sir
See Picture of Road During Construction

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