Earn Money From Norland - Easy approach to make Money in 2020

Today i will be sharing with all my reader a new way to make cool cash at home, your office and even with your own leisure time.
this business is not like MMM or a ponzi but it a different networking business that want the good living for all it member.
Quickly lemme drive you with the history of this new technology and how to benefit and make cool cash from it

What is in This Pack/Article??

1. History Of Norland
2. Why Join Norland/Benefit
3. How To Calculate Earning and Profit after Registration
4. How to Partner With Norland Group
5. How Norland Pays its Members
6. Reach out Norland group anywhere
1. History Of Norland Industrial Group 

Founded in 2008, Norland Industrial group is a large scale multinational industrial group which is involved in the health industry
-medical cosmetology industry
-direct selling industry -e-commerce industry.
-Health management, medical services, international logistics and finance.

NORLAND came to Nigeria 2017. Head office in Lagos Nigeria No. 35 Opekbi lagos state.

In the 11years of growth, Norland has created numerous brilliant business ventures. This has been through the support of domestic and foreign governments, social organizations, senior management of the company as well as business partners and consumers. Norland recently achieved efficient and stable growth.

Norland is mainly involved in healthy and beauty consumer goods with health detoxification as the core product. This includes: -Zhimingde Detox Pro Pack, -Detox Pro health food, -Health way,
-Chaolikang and Fudi’an,
-Meibao Nutrition Health Food,
-Anti-aging Series,
-Platinum Luxury Anti-aging Skin Care Products, -Nouripad Personal Care Products, “UingKing International Medical Cosmetology” project and service, REBORN anti-aging and health check project and service,
-Detoxification check and susceptible genes project and service, “Benyuan Shenghuohui” store franchise system as well as “North Huigo Mall” Internet+ e-commerce platform.

The business covers the whole of China and has expanded to OVER 50 countries and regions including the U.S.A, Korea, South Africa and Russia, etc.
-Norland Industrial group has set up many entities and subsidiaries, with Norland Industrial group Co Ltd as the operation centre in the Chinese region, which includes:

-Beijing Norland Biological -Engineering Co. Ltd.
Beijing Zhengdehuitong -Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Beijing Norland International Trade Co Ltd
-Beijing Youkaiai Medical Cosmetology Hospital Co. Ltd.
-Beijing Hancheng International Medical Cosmetology Centre.
Yanbian Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.
-Noland International Business School;

Norland Industrial group has also set up many entities global subsidiaries with American ZMD International Group Co. Ltd as the international operation center, which includes:

Russia ZMD International Co. Ltd.
Korea ZMD International Co. Ltd.
Chinese Taiwan ZMD International Business Co. Ltd.
Chinese Hong Kong ZMD Biological Engineering (Group) Co. Ltd.
Brazil ZMD International Co. Ltd.
Venezuela ZMD International Co. Ltd.
Kazakhstan ZMD International Co. Ltd.

All these entities connect and support each other thus enhancing a healthy development of global business of Norland Industrial group.

Currently, Norland is implementing its “the second five year strategic plan” and making a strenuous efforts to achieve the its four main objectives of  “building a century foundation, shaping a century brand, successfully making millions of elites and serving millions of families wholeheartedly.

NORLAND INT'L is the first enterprise to formulate national production standards assessment specification on detoxification industry.

NORLAND INT'L is the first enterprise who traditional medical preparation steps toward the international summit forum

NORLAND INT'L is the first enterprise to send soft capsule product to space through the laboratory for space science.

NORLAND INT'L 1st enterprise to combine Chinese wisdom for health with modern high technology perfectly and form A health management system of "cleansing, Rejuvenating, Energizing, Nourishing, Beautifying, Preventing."

NORLAND INT'L 1st detoxification product to acquire Free sales certificate issued by American FDA.
2. Why Join Norland and its Benefit

Lets discuss the benefits of being a Partner with Norland*:

Before I do so, permit me to point out that there are only two multilevel marketing companies in this globe... Norland and the rest...
So when you are looking out for a genuine company to partner With, what do you weigh? What are your measures to taking precautionary steps to ensuring that you are in the right place???

Please note that I said genuine company not just any mlm(multilevel marketing), because so many flaunt themselves as such whereas they are ponzi schemes aka get-rich-quick schemes. So please in my mini-seminar today, let's bear it in mind that any comparison is with genuine companies and not scams such as mmm and the likes.

There are 4 basic things to look out for when considering an MLM company

1... The company profile
2... The products
3... The compensation plan
4... The group support system

Norland is a direct sales multinational company  headquartered in China with branch offices in over 50 countries spanning USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA etc. Renowned for manufacture of ISO and NAFDAC certified quality fast moving health, energy and daily consumable products. Two of our products, Mebo GI and Detox Pack are patented in 60 countries so far. Meaning we have the sole right to produce and sell for the next 50 years.

Becoming a partner of Norland provides an alternative income stream,  enables you to earn weekly BONUSES and awesome INCENTIVES.
Norland is not an online business but a real time company lending a helping hand to empower it's consumers and partners by setting aside a good  sustainable plan for the benefit of many. It has organizational structures, physical buildings, hospitals, offices amongst others.
May I tip in that the founder of Norland is a medical Dr, an American-chinese  professor of cosmetology precisely, who discovered and developed several methodologies while studying medicine as far back as 1980s while in medical school in one of the prestigous universities in the USA. His area of concentration was mainly detoxification, rejuvenation, regeneration and beautification.

So there is no fear as to how healthy the products are as they are 102% healthy and organic.
 Norland has superb products in exchange for the money you sign up with. So there is nothing like waiting for your money to be multiplied and paid back to you after donkey years. NO! In Norland, you have your money back guarantee in the form of products chosen by you worth the amount of money you choose to sign up with
 We have the following products...


Mouth Gargle (wash)
Liquid detergent

Sanitary napkin
Party liner
Sanitary napkin
Facial mask

Panty liner (oh yes for men too)

Shouer Kids Calcium
Shouer kids zinc

GI capsules
Calcium Iron & Zinc                 
Hypoglycemic Capsule 
Hypoglycemic herbal capsule
Ginseng Cordysep Sinesis
Kudding tea
Vision Vital Capsule
Propolis lecithin Capsules
Immune plus capsule
Immune vitale
Detox Pack and  many more

Energy Bracelet

Magic frying pan

Norland also partners with Skyrun for Electronics.
So as a member you can purchase your Skyrun electronics through Norland and earn points for bonuses...

3. How To Calculate Earning and Profit after Registration

To get our membership code, you will need to purchase any of our products directly from the company at distributors' price... The points you generate from the purchase qualifies you to be a member and a membership code with which you can continue to shop with anytime you need even just an item...

 Having ascertained the authenticity of the products and verifying the potency, let's move on to check out the compensation plan ... How favourable, flexible, sustainable and plausible and beneficial is the compensation of the company you're Working  with??

In Norland, there is no flushing of points, no monthly/regular nor routine targets putting you under undue pressure to pursue the unattainable...


1) Fast start bonus
2) Free product voucher bonus
These 2 shall be explained together

  50% of your Pvs For example : if you're a senior member (140pvs), u get 50% X 140 = $64 (Multiplied by N400) = N28, 000
Let me marvel u The moment two people come into your binary (that's one on ur left and the other on your right) whether u signed them up or not, Norland international pays you the complete 28k.
Now if you personally sponsored the two people, Norland pays you the 28k including free product worth 40k.

*Bronze you get 56k for fast start up bonus and free products worth 80k

*Silver you get 112k, free products worth 160k

*Gold you get 224k, free products worth 320k

*Diamond you get 448k, free products worth 640k

Note: The free products are different from your sign up products and you can choose whatever products you want.

3) Group performance bonus. Percentage payout for each rank as follows*
*Senior member 10%
*Bronze 10.5%
*Silver 11%
*Gold 12%
*Diamond 13%

E.g as a senior member, you earn 10% of your total group performance on ur PAY LEG. If ur pay leg carries 10,000 Pvs in that week, you have 10000 X 0.10= $1000 (Multiplied by N400) =N400,000
Take note: this is a WEEKLY payout.

 Let me marvel you again your Pvs are accumulative even though they have been matched in payout, it is not flushed. Used in full for every other payout and incentives month in month out,  for all times.

 ALSO, carry over Pvs for payout are carried over to the next week TILL INFINITY! So, you are guaranteed to earn weekly.
However it is a capped system for Senior Managers to Gold and uncapped for Diamond.

*Senior member 2.4million naira/Monthly

*Bronze 4.8m

*Silver 9.6m

*Gold 19.2m

*Diamond 38.4m and above

4) Leadership Bonus:

Starts from Silver and above.
*Silver- you get 8% leadership bonus for your entire 1st generation. No matter the number.
*Gold- 8% from 1st generation and
-5% from 2nd generation
Diamond - 8% from 1st generation
5% from 2nd generation
5% from 3rd generation.

E.g As a silver member, if your 1st generation earns  bonus of 10m naira, u are paid N800, 000 weekly

5) Maintenance bonus: Now this is a game changer. For purchasing as little as 28pvs monthly, Norland pays you on a compressed system running through 12 (TWELVE) generations
1st 8%        7th 3%
2nd 7%       8th 4%
3rd 6%        9th 5%
4th 5%        10th 6%
5th 4%        11th 7%
6th 3%        12th 8%

Did you notice the graduation even as the generation expanded? IT HAS NEVER BEEN HEARD IN THE INDUSTRY!
What do I mean by compressed? With an illustration, For example if for any reason in your 10th generation where you are to earn 6% on all your downlines (whether personally sponsored or not) who repurchased, there is no one in that generation who repurchased, the system goes to the next available generation where there is or are repurchases and automatically brings it into your 6th generation so you MUST earn.

Norland also credits your repurchase bonus account in the back office with 3-5% of this commission so that from ur silver level, you will not have the need of taking money from your personal purse to buy.

Finally, not purchasing 28pvs doesn't make you inactive in Norland, it DOESN'T make you lose out on other bonuses and incentives

6. Now, let me blow your mind, yet again there's an additional 20% entire group repurchase payout Norland shares her profit with her members every time we repurchase.
Imagine the number or detergents, tooth paste, mouth wash, etc you and your family has been purchasing through the years, if those companies were to share their profit with you and your family members, can you bid how much it would've been by now

7) Benefits bonus.  Norland sets aside 1.5% global income for your personal trip (not promo trip) and 1% global income for a status car (of choice).
If you ask me, this is like being a shareholder in a multinational company having a certain percentage payout. It's amazing!

8. Honorary Bonus : ( long term dividends and global dividends) Norland sets aside a substantial amount of money in the Honorary Bonus section of your backoffice ewallet for leaders reaching the rank of Gold, diamond and above. This is where you have house funds to the tune of 30million naira and above

9) Sales : The company sets profit at 20% mark-up of the products but its safe to say this is entirely your prerogative. Your selling point is that all Norland products will sell themselves They are testimony oriented and driven.

Note: Status growth is not dependent on your downlines, it is not dependent on points and unrealistic targets. Once you buy the difference from the status you're on and the status you aspire to be, you are upgraded and you instantly enjoy the benefits from your new rank.


You need to checkout the network, the placements and entitlements, are they such that would encourage or deter you from progressing?

Whether we like it or not our lives are revolved around networking, our churches, businesses, secular jobs, leisure etc. We all refer people to others in one way or the other, now that is networking. We invite people to our places of worship, refer people to patronize our hairdressers or seamstresses, why? Because they are good at what they do... yet we don't get paid for all the referrals made... If Norland pays me for bringing you, why shouldn't I refer you to Norland? And why should you not refer others And get paid too? If we can make ordinary referrals when we are not asked to and get nothing in return why not  share this great opportunity with others?

                    👤     👤

Now just 2 people are required of you, after that, they also introduce their own 2 people each...
Let's leverage on our social capital, add value to our lives and friends by sharing this great opportunity with them.

Its a good way to create a sustainable avenue to make good wealth for tomorrow! And also to trump the recession.
[30/08, 8:43 p.m.] ‪+234 806 421 9797‬: To be frank I have never heard nor experienced any better plan than this. Some na talk but no Do, Norland na talk and do. And believe me when I say experience I have calculated my earnings and they are exactly like it's said here as regards which bonus and level. Norland is amazing.

 Now remember the 4th point you need to examine before signing up with a MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING Company...( Which is the Leadership bouns)

 In summary, Norland simply says to switch your brand, use Norland products and refer 2 or more people to do same and get paid for It! That's how simple it actually is because Norland doesn't charge a fee for registration, the money you sign up with, is given back to you in the form of products which are actually chosen by you, oh Yes! You have the liberty to choose your products as long as they sum up to what you sign up with. So with Norland, you have your money-back guarantee 103%.
Sell? No Norland doesn't mandate you to sell products, you can use them, share with your family and friends or sell if you may, that is a plus...

For me, I would say to partner with Norland and refer your whole community to partake in this great opportunity...

At this juncture, may I humbly crave your indulgence to end here for today while leaving us to ponder on all that has been shared here or better still leave us strategizing on the way forward in this business. Thank you for your time and wish you all a happy new month!

4. How to partner with Norland

ecoming a partner of Norland group provides an alternative income stream, enables you to earn weekly bonuses and awesome incentives.

7 figure weekly income.
Shares 1% of the coy’s monthly Turnover (sales) as a gold member.
Brand new car award every year
All expense paid luxury Vacations abroad 2-3 times yearly.
30 million Naria house fund award for Honorary Members.


Norland Industrial Group


Mouth Gargle (wash)
Liquid wash: For your washing machine and normal wash.
Sanitary napkins
Pant liners
Sanitary napkins (Heavy flow)
Sanitary napkins for fatter women. Very large.
Health pad for men
Health pad for females
GI capsules for flat Tommy etc result in 2 weeks.
Blood fat & intestine reducing
Calcium Zinc
Facial mask for removal of wrinkles, dark sports, aka Pimples.
Hypoglycemic Capsule
Vision Vital Capsule
Lecithin Capsules
Detox Pack and many more
Energy Bracelet
Magic frying pan for less cholesterol
To get our membership code, you will need to purchase any of our products directly from the company at distributors price… The points you generate from the purchase qualifies you to be a member and a membership code with which you can continue to shop with anytime you need even just an item.

Norland Group consists of five Registration entry levels:-

Entry Members – N50k = 64pvs
Senior Members – N87k =128pvs
Bronze Members -N167k =260pvs
Silver Members – N350k =560pvs
Gold Members – N700k =1120pvs
Diamond Members -N1.35M = 2240pvs
NOTE: You are allowed to choose your products, nothing is compulsory, monies are paid into Norland Group Corporate Accounts and e-wallet received.

5. How Norland Pays its Members

 Start up BONUS
This is your welcome payment as a new member
This is for joining a group..this BONUS is paid weekly some people earn #300k -#500k a week .you earn faster here whether u work or not.
Maintenance BONUS
For having a membership acct norland- pays you
Purchase BONUS
You are paid for buying product as a member.
Benefit BONUS Norland give members a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to S.A,U.S,China.. This is done 3times a year
Leadership BONUS
Members who rise to leadership level are paid.
Honorary BONUS
1% of the Company's profit is shared to members
Sales Bonus
You get paid for selling their product.
Free Product Bonus
Scholarship Bonus

6. Reach out Norland Group Anywhere

Company website:

Flagship product website:

Members Login website:

Address: 225 Broadway, Suite 910, New York, NY 10007 USA
Tel.: +1-212-608-8858
Cell: +1-917-239-9789
Fax: +1-212-608-8857
Contact: Tony Tse

Address: 160 Gibson Dr., Unit #6, Markham, ON Canada
Cell: +1-917-239-9789
Contact: Tony Tse

Address: Plot No.171 Masure Street, East Legon, Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233303968345
Cell: +233556360139   
Contact: Tonywin

Address: 8 Wessels Road, Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27844671953
Contact: Aren Wang
E-mail: [email protected]

Address: No.4 Alabi Street Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria
Tel: +2348102574410
E-mail:[email protected]/ [email protected]

WhatsApp or Call : 08102574410, for any inquires and procedures to register

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