Advice for family - A comedy though a lesson at end

Short Play for family 
Though it look funny 
But sound as advice to homes 

Husband: Honey I will buy a new mattress on my way home. The one we are using is no longer comfortable.

Wife: That's my Love ! But wait o, where will you get the money?

Husband:  I heard that Mr. B will pay our arrears today.

Wife: I always know that man will perform. Please Darling, don't forget the wristwatch you promised me o.

Husband: With all pleasure My Love.

5 hours later, the man arrived home in his car. Pin... Pin... Pin he blared his horn. The woman ran out to meet her husband.

Wife: Honey welcome (collecting her husband's briefcase, leading him into their sitting room).

Husband: You are always wonderful.

Wife: Where is the mattress and my wristwatch ?

Husband: Which mattress  ? Abeg gimme my food. I never see alert o, the thing na rumour o.

The woman broke down weeping profusely.

Wife: Honey please forgive me......huuu huuu .

Husband: (loosing his patience) Dear what's all these now,  what happened  ?

Wife: Honey please forgive me oooooo..... I  I I I...

Husband: (perceiving some odour, and looking out of the window). What's smelling like this, where is this smoke coming from ?

Wife: (still weeping) Huuu, I have burnt our mattress, I thought you would buy a new one truly, you know it is no longer good.

Husband: (furious, with a changed countenance). What ! You did what ? You must be joking. "Ti mo ba wa e". You will go back to your father's house today if this is true. You burnt the #500,000 my contribution money I hid in the mattress for us to roof our house.

Wife: Yepa ! You mean you have such huge amount in this house and you didn't tell me ?

Husband: if I get you today, I will show you who I am. (With this, he ran to the backyard where the smoke was coming from. Seeing the ashes of the burnt mattress, he fainted.

Lesson 1: Never hide anything from your wife, she's your better-half.

Lesson 2: Never run faster than your husband, he's your head.

Lesson 3: Don't rely on arrears or unpaid income to plan your home.

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